BY VERN TURNER Let us not marginalize our return to sanity from the November elections. Yes, Democrats regained the majority in the House of Representatives. Yes, several statehouses and governorships were returned to the party of the people. Yes, the energy to get young people to vote worked. But how decisive was it, really? The...
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BY GARY EDMONDSON House committees have subpoena power. Obscured in the pasting Oklahoma Democrats suffered statewide was the overall good news from the Nov. 6 elections. Of course, we would have liked to have done better – and you-uns would have prospered if we had. Kendra Horn scored an amazing win in Oklahoma’s 5thCongressional District....
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An Open Letter To American Christians

BY MARK Y.A. DAVIES This is what Mark’s Jesus said about becoming great: “But that’s not the way it will be with you. Whoever wants to be great among you will be your servant. Whoever wants to be first among you will be the slave of all, for the Human One didn’t come to be...



Privatization Is Not An Option

BY JIM HIGHTOWER Unable to find a fatal flaw in our far-flung public mail delivery network, the anti-Postal Service forces manufactured a fake flaw. In 2006, then-president George W. Bush, congressional Republican leaders, the powerful “privatizer lobby” [including FedEx, UPS and Wall Street speculators] and Koch-funded think tanks and Astroturf front groups colluded to put...

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BY JOE CONASON Among Donald Trump’s favorite stump-speech cliches is insisting on his fervent veneration of our military veterans. He often posts flowery tweets about them, too, referring to them as “amazing people” and promising to “take care of the vets” because “we love the vets.” It is a sentiment that almost every politician –...

Democrats Need An Immigration Policy – Fast

BY FROMA HARROP In recent months, the political leadership of two neighboring countries with large immigration programs issued very different messages. They would be the United States and Canada. In the United States, President Trump and his Republican allies vilified the “caravan” of Central Americans making their way toward the border. They are a gang...


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From left, Oklahoma Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton previews the upcoming mid-term elections with longtime House Minority Leader Scott Inman and University of Central Oklahoma Political Science Professor John Wood at Oct. 11’s Newsmakers event at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City.



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